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1. Get Information

  • Consult us by phone or email
  • Print details of thirty different mortgages
  • Compare low rates on second homes, investments and equity release

2. Get Technical Advice

You will then have the opportunity to ask and receive replies on any technical questions you may have, e.g.:

  • Should I borrow fixed, variable or capped.
  • Where are the best interest rates.
  • How much deposit will I need.

This service is available at any point during the loan application process in case further problems/complications arise.

3. Find out how much you can borrow.

For example:

  • Which French lenders would pass your file given your existing commitments.
  • Could a re mortgage help get a low cost French mortgage in place - consult us on this.
  • Pay off your mortgage early. We will make sure you get a no penalty deal.
  • Borrow up to age 75. Use your own life insurance or sometimes no life insurance.

4. Choosing the right mortgage product to suit your preferences

  • Do you want to borrow the maximum amount possible.
  • Or, do you want to borrow a bit less and benefit from lower rates.
  • Do you want a repayment or interest-only product.

Having passed through the information and structuring stages, we will then assist you to choose the right mortgage to suit your preferences and obtain indicative quotes from a number of different lenders if required.

5. Follow Up and Completion

Beat the clock with a smooth fast transaction. We take you swiftly through a streamlined process. Consult our step by step guide on each bank.  Get a decision right away and rest easy. Open up a French bank account and arrange house insurance - all part of the service. Make your future mortgage payments at one exchange rate for two years.

Our Charges

We will charge between €295 and €695 depending on the size of the mortgage.  This charge, payable only for a successful file, is invoiced once you have an offer.

NOTE: Your home is at risk if you do not keep up the repayment on a mortgage loan or other loan secured on it. The sterling equivalent of your liability under a foreign currency mortgage may be increased by exchange rate movements.

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